15-17 of April 2016


These are three days to regenerate yourself and open up to new and deeper intuitions about your life. Nitya and Ninad’s music combined with ancient and powerful mantras creates a precious opportunity to come back to yourself and enjoy life in all its dimensions.
We will sing, meditate, take care of our body-mind, eat together and share our hearts in a welcoming and warm atmosphere lletting the Divine do its work!
When  you experience this kind of dimension, it becomes every easy to remember which are your priorities in life.


15 of April16 of April17 of April
20 – 21.30  MANTRA CONCERT17-18  first session9-10 first session
18-19 dinner10-10.45 breakfast
19-21  second session10.45-12.15 second session
12.30-14.00 lunch
14.30-17.15 third session

For more info and booking: filip.coppieters@telenet.be