In this page you can read what people experienced during o concert, a workshop or a holiday with us. It is express with their own words. 

«We are so happy that Nitya and Ninad chanted at our New York IYI Center. We regularly have all the big name kirtanists here, and we love them all, but there is something exceptionally special about Nitya and Ninad. I don’t want to say much because words cannot really capture the beauty of the experience. All I want to convey is that if you ever have a chance to be present at their kirtan, I can guarantee you that your heart will burst open, your spirit will soar, and you will be transported to a higher level of consciousness».

Swami Asokananda, President Integral Yoga Institute New York City

«I met Nitya & Ninad thanks to their summer week in Greece, One love. It was a growth  in Joy and Lightness, full of vibrations that finally allowed me the connection and the healing of deep parts of myself, on which I have been working for a long time. The chanting of mantras was new for me, but during the practise I felt an immediate contact with the Divine. The thing that struck me is that the high vibration remained even in the free moments during the day, also magical thanks to the magical sea and the extraordinary beauty of the place. I’ve also experienced a kind of long distance “tam tam” good: back home I observed how certain aspects touched in myself had “moved” also in other people who are close to me. Thank you very much also to people with whom I shared this wonderful experience».               Francesca Castelli


«What I brought back home from One Love with Nitya and Ninad in Greece is the realization that singing opens my heart,  to myself and to other people. With this beautiful singing my heart became so wide  that I could feel emotions I did not feel for a long time. The partner-exercises make this workshop very special,  they gave me the space to really see the other people. The joy, the happiness and the love I felt in this week in Corfu is unforgettable. I am sure it will be in my heart forever. Thank you so much for your great and touching work!».            Sabine Trautman  

«Experiencing a week of Mantra Singing like the one I lived in Corfu has given me the opportunity to feel that I love it as a tool for meditation. And there is more: it has an immediate and powerful effect on my inner State, and I can come back to it it at any time of the day, while I am doing usual stuff, thanks to Nitya and Ninad’s cds… I found a medicine with immediate effects at my fingertips! The connection with myself that this process facilitated allowed me to see some things in my life under a different perspective, wider, deeper… I’m delving into everything the Mantra Singing leads in my life thanks to Nitya and Ninad’s voices, you are always with me!».                       Ornella Mangi


«A series of positive “coincidences” led me to participate to the workshop One love. In a single week so many valuable experiences have helped me to accelerate an inner transformation, it is impossible for me to list them. I can say that not only it gave me a refuge of peace and centeredness, it also gave me the wonderful new awareness that “I can make it” out of the seminarroom, in the world! Now I know I am no longer alone».                                             Dara


«I spent the New year’s Eve with Nitya & Ninad. It was different from my previous experiences of parties, it was an experience of Joy and Serenity. I met genuine people in a peaceful reality, full of mantra singing, celebration, meditation and silence. And who wants the space to share himself, can find it there… I also found good food, a lot of fun and dance… I recommend everyone to choose this gift, these days in which you can stop for a while and get back to your Self. PS. There are no age limits!».                  Gianluca Mignali                                                                                                                                                                        

«I had my first experience of Mantra Singing with Nitya and Ninad directly  in the seminar One, in Greece.  I had a wonderful week of joy and growth in awareness, imore and more into contact with unknown parts of myself. I shared the soul’s singing and learned new techniques of healing with sound and vibration that I’m using in my work. It was a great contribution to my spiritual path».                                                                                         Gayatri

«Singing  is a powerful exercise that allows me to release strong emotions often withheld. When I sing mantras, whose contents are often garbled verbal but whose meaning is very powerful, I see energies moving… Mantras are like prayers that move energy which can generate favourable situations thanks to the law of attraction! Is an alternative way to meditate, social and simple. You are helped by the songs but also the rhythm’s parts, and it can really cause very strong emotions and deep, ecstatic, healing. Such a release has very few occasions to happens… I was very surprised by how easily I achieved a sense of Unity, without any special intent: the feeling of communion you get singing with Nitya and Ninad is really special. Try at least once: I’m sure it won’t be your last time».                                                          Matteo Foà     

«The first time I came to sing mantras with Nitya and Ninad I had no previous experiences of meditation or spiritual search. In fact, when we started I kept asking myself “How did I get here?”. Yet the more time passed the less I felt resistences, the group would take me… Generally I find it hard to relax, but at the end of this experience I felt a sense of relaxation, of good emptyiness. I had no thoughts, I was free, quiet. I’d never expected an experience like that… ».                                                                                                                    Claudia Bona

«Singing mantras with Nitya and Ninad for me is a kind of surrender. I surrender to the body, the yield control, beyond all conjecture and reasoning. Actually I don’t do anything, it is the vibration that takes over and dodges the mind in a corner. And then the voice comes out and the body moves, inevitably. And every time it happens it is a kind of miracle. It is as if you enrich with a piece of existential understanding and at the same time your mind becomes lighter and lighter… It is pure joy and fun. I feel very lucky».    Ashni Cecchini  

«I celebrated the New Year with with Nitya and Ninad’s retreat and it was an experience of deep connection with myself, while lived with friends and company. It wasn’t the first time I spent the new year meditating, it wasn’t the first time I worked with Nitya and Ninad, but every time it is a different experience, each time a little deeper… The magical and evocative places they choose, this sharing moments of joy and of profound fragility, the alternation of different types of work led me to discover my true nature, that secret place in my heart that I can hardly connect with in my everyday life».      Marco Conti                                                                                                                

«Singing mantras with Nitya and Ninad is every time a different an experience. Sometimes it is an explosion of energy, sometimes an emotion for the heart, sometimes deep inner silence and other times…  all of this together! A few years ago I found myself wanting to “sing and dance for God.”  Well, Nitya and Ninad offer me this opportunity».                                              Apeksha Dubini


«Chanting mantra for me is a meditation, but without having the knowledge of it. I sit on the ground, with other people and with Ninad, Nitya and their music. I have no idea about how to bring out the voice from the diaphragm, maybe I am also out of tune, but I am there and I try. In a short time a sense of total freedom takes hold of me. There is no shame and no judgement: I can sing loud, I can put all myself in that song because nobody will bother me if it isn’t perfect… And nobody is there to judge me. I follow the wave of Nitya’s voice and comforted by others singing, I’m not afraid. In this atmosphere of fellowship and freedom, something happens. Eventually the body is grateful for the vibration that it received, the mind is awake but calm. And I feel a centering, a sense of fullness and of nourishment».      Gabriella Grasso

«It was very nice to start the New Year with the magic that the chanting of mantras is able to create! For me it was a real nourishment for the heart and soul. The melodious sound and voices, melting together in singing, have the same power of prayer, they create silence of the mind, while the presence takes space. It is a valuable and rare opportunity and I thank you for introducing me to this powerful medium to connect myself to something greater.  Thank you so much for your work and your commitment to spreading the Mantra Singing!».                                                                                                              Valeria Pisano


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