This site is dedicated to particular experiences that occurred to people during our workshops, concerts and events of Mantra Singing.

For that reason we decided to give a dedicated space to these letters.


«Since I met Nitya & Ninad at the Karma Night  in Milan, they immediately reached my heart. Their music, their voices are a medicine for my soul. When later I received the newsletter inviting me to their New Year’s retreat in 2015, I immediately wanted to be with them. I didn’t want to be a burden to my sons, and that was an extra boost to attend the seminar. As a widow,of course my children did not want to leave me alone in such an important occasion…

I immediately said to Nitya that I desired to attend this seminar very much, and after a discussion with my kids, including the one “but you don’t know anyone there…”, I managed to make them understand that to me it was really a great desire to spend three days with mantra singing, meditation and music.

Well, I must say I was truly delighted by insisting: during those days I felt never alone. I met so many nice people wanting only to share themselves… I danced, I sang, I meditated, I met friends I still connect with. Nitya & Ninad are simply fantastic, they give themselves completely and the way they look each other when they sing fills my heart with joy and love. Observing them gives hope, hope to believe that love exists in any form you want to see it.

For three days I also gave myself completely, I danced and sang with body, soul and heart. I forgot about mind, thoughts and things in general. I was happy because I finally got to throw out all the repressed pain and I expressed my joy in living here and now. January for me has been a very tough month because I had to face many problems at work and never, ever in my entire life, I have dealt with them with great serenity and joy in my heart. How come? For two weeks I sang mantras along with the cds while I was at work. When I finally had a meeting with my boss I dealt with great serenity. I was smiling while I told him everything I had inside, and I pointed out how badly he behaved with me. At the end of my talk he was livid red and… He hugged me! I was serene, serene as ever and immensely happy to have finally faced a problem without anger and irritation and this happened because of what I was transmitted during the three days retreat. I wanted to sign up for the seminar ONE LOVE, in summertime, but it was not possible because in July I became grandmother of the little Eleonora, besides I retired from my job.

My life has changed, I started living in the here and now. I have my own spiritual path, a very intense one, but Nitya & Ninad represent a lighthouse in a deep darkness.

It wanted to say these words for so long, but sometimes we do not dare do le tour heart  talk. I’m learning that letting go is really nice! Needless to say, I intend to relive the wonderful proposal by the next New year’s Eve…

A hug from my heart to yours,

                                                                                                    Filomena Bucci


«Last spring I attended a three-day workshop of Mantra Singing: I would call it an experience of … deep dissolution! From the first session of the workshop I felt that my whole being was touched by the vibrations, in a dimension beyond the mind. The feeling was manifested by chills uninterrupted from head to foot, chills new, never felt that way. It was as when something hits you and resonates deeply. I already had this kind of experience, but it lasted a few seconds. In this case it went on for hours, for all the time in which the mantra was pervading my all being. In this physical perception also great emotions and an irrepressible joy arrived. The feeling I had was that an ancient armor was melting, and my essence would find itself at home.

Although I had a longing for this experience, and a part of myself already sensed its power, I was very much surprised by the intensity of the feelings that I found myself living. There was not my usual feeling of “doing”, there was a flowing together with the sound, in the sound … In that flow I felt completely connected to the whole. That feeling would have been enough, in fact, back home from two days with Ninad Nitya I felt full of energy and very grateful to them and to the existence, for this gift.

In the following days, other new things have happened. I often felt the feeling of being empty like a bamboo, as if the two-days of singing cleaned me from the old waste, emotions and tensions, making space for something new to happen. that was to come again. The mind was clear, ready to welcome visions without interfering and directing things. Slowly I saw clearly situations in my life that were stagnating for some time. I made decisions that I would never have managed to take first, and I did it naturally. It was as if, in spite of the difficulties to face, I knew I was moving in the right direction.

Six months have passed since that experience and in my life many changes have implemented, on different levels. Now I know that the vibrations of those days have moved the stagnant water, and all my life has begun to flow again, moment by moment, listening to my song».                         Ageya Bellini 



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