ONE LOVE is a concept album with seven sanscrit mantras dedicated to sacred couples, Sita Rama, Radhe Govinda, Shiva Shakti, Nara Narayana, and contains also two sanscrit invocations: one is to Lord Ganesha, to free us from all the obstacles preventing us to be one with the Source, and one inviting the peace to be in all of us and in all the places on this planet.

The divine play manifesting itself in different forms with the same essence is very much evocated by the meeting and melting of the female and male voices of Nitya and Ninad. It evocates man and woman, sun and moon, light and darkness which are all alive thanks to this silent source of existence living through everything.

The sacred mountain of Arunachala, in the south of India, inspired many songs in this cd: Karpur Gauram is our love song for Shiva and Arunachala.

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Title: One Love – Mantra Songs with Nitya & Ninad
Produced by Nitya & Ninad
All the music is composed and arranged by Nitya & Ninad

All rights reserved

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha ( Invocation)(0.51)
Sita Ram ( Hare Rama Ram)(8.08)
Tumi Bhajare(7.44)
Radhe Govinda(7.00)
Nara Narayana(8.09)
Karpur Gauram(7.13)
Om Namah Shivaya(8.05)
Maha Lakshmy(7.50)
Loka Samasta(1.04)