There is not a precise traslation in english for the word MANTRA. It means more or less “a sound capable of passing through the mind…”. Mantras have a transformative power, their sounds and words take us into a river of consciousness which is flowing since ever. Singing and chanting the names of God in its infinite forms and manifestations has the effect of awakening our heart and make us one with the Divine.

It is a practice of meditation with a  “magical” power: the more we sing  the more we go deep into our Self and we are free from mind’s limitations. The group’s practice has also its own power: the person next to you helps you indirectly in the same process of heart’s cleaning , and this gives everyone a centering, clarity and a force which goes much beyond any verbal expression or connection.

Singing mantras is a natural way to let go of thoughts and sink into yourself. Emotions find their expression in singing and dancing, transforming into an opening to life, so it occurs naturally to enter a different field of energy that we immediatly feel so familiar, where we are One, Love and Awareness.

Giving us the freedom to sing and dance is contagious: it gives  the chance for the same experience to those around us, because we all have the same singing heart. This is the experience of Unity that all mystics describe in their own words, and to which all of us yearn, it doesn’t matter where we come from.

There are no experts in mantra singing, the practice is the only teacher. What matters is what we feel, with no judgments about it. Singing mantras does not require any singing ability: voice and music are natural tools to access the inner space, the source of Peace, Joy and Creativity.


Sita Ram!