A live event of Mantra Singing and Kirtan is the real thing!  You will experience the power that mantras have to touch our hearts and transform our lives. A workshop of Mantra and Bhakti Yoga, or a residential seminar, are a wonderful gift for yourself and the world: choose here where to join us!

feb 4Consulate of India, MilanItalyConcerto di Mantra
march 10-11SardiniaItalyConcert and Workshop
march 15Palazzolo Formigaro (AL)ItalyConcert
march 18VareseItalyConcert
april 20-22LiguriaItaliaWorkshop/Retreat
may 4TurinItalyConcert
may 25-27AstiItalyBhakti Festival
june 9Palazzolo Formigaro (AL)ItalyFestival-Naturalmente Benessere
july 2-8CorfuGrececeWorkshop and concert
july 20-22Pratovecchio (AR)ItalyFestival Naturalmente Pianoforte
july 28New YorkUSAKirtan
agoust 4Yogaville (Virginia)USAKirtan
agoust 11-16San Secondo (Asti)ItalyRetreat
nov 2-4Miasto, TuscanyItaliaWorkshop
29 dec- 2 janValtellinaItalyNew Year’s Eve Retreat