Title: Gurudev – Mantra Songs with Nitya & Ninad
produced by: Nitya & Ninad

All music composed and arranged by Nitya & Ninad, all rights reserved

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GURUDEV arises from love and gratitude towards mantras, bhakti and devotion, all gifts of Mother India.
Mantra is the incarnation of the Divine, of the Guru, that principle that leads from darkness to light.
The more we sing, the more we pray and we surrender ourselves to this Power, the more our visit to this planet becomes a party, a sharing, an ecstasy! The energy of Arunachala that has permeated our previous CD is still present here. The cover comes from there and we bow to Her!

Shri Siddhi Vinayaka(8.15)
Om Arunachala(11.42)
Radhe Radhe(11.23)
Hare Krishna(6.55)
Jai Jagatambe Ma (8.46)
Rama Dasa(10.13)
Om Tare Tuttare(10.22)


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