Mantra Concert with Nitya & Ninad in Tallin (Estonina), with Triin Sunara at arp.


To dive into the joy of the heart!  MANTRA CONCERT

Nitya and Ninad’s music combined with ancient and powerful mantras creates a precious opportunity to come back to yourself and enjoy life in all its dimensions. They will sing ancient mantras of the Sanskrit language, as well as mantras from other spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Sufism and Kundalini Yoga. Their way to propose this singing involves the whole being, body and spirit, and has amazing results in fields related to meditation and spiritual search, as well as therapy.


The healing mantras: HEALING WORKSHOP for Body & Soul

This day is an opportunity to regenerate yourself and open up to new and deeper intuitions about your life.

The intent of this workshop is to reconnect you with the immense source of healing available right now. We have all the resources to be a light for ourselves and for those around us: what we need is to go back to the source of life.

This process has been created specifically by Nitya and Ninad to help you to experience the transformative power and benefits of mantra chanting. It is a journey of awakening of your natural potential for prosperity.

In a welcoming and warm atmosphere we will let the Divine do its work!

INFO & BOOKINGS,  phone +372 55 39 165