Sunday 24 MAY 2020    

from 9.30  to 11.30 am

Workshop of awareness, presence and self knowledge according to the teachings of Nitya and Ninad 



Lucid dreaming is a unique experience of its kind. Only those who made it can know the wonder of awakening within their dreams, and glimpse the potential of this technique, which in many spiritual traditions is cultivated as a way of developing consciousness that can lead to enlightenment.

The workshop will be conducted by Ninad who over the years has had several lucid dreaming experiences, thus gathering direct experience and the opportunity to stimulate in other people the passion for this particular “way”.


In this workshop:


  • you will learn how to distinguish the lucid dream experience from other dream experiences
  • you will build your lucid dreamer experience on the solid foundations of meditation
  • you will learn techniques to safely and scientifically stimulate the lucid dreaming experience. Become a conscious dreamer, it is possible!
  • you will learn the potential and some possible pitfalls of this technique
  • you will be given mantras and music created specifically to support the experience
  • you can share your experiences and questions with other researchers
  • you will learn how to use lucid dreaming to heal trauma, obsessive thought patterns and resolve recurring nightmares
  • you will discover how to expand your creativity and lightness




-50%  for those who have already taken part in the workshop on the Medicine Buddha Mantra


Before registering you need to answer two simple questions:

Have you already had lucid dreaming experiences?

If yes, can you briefly describe what your experience is?


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