6 – 12 of agoust

Mantra Singing Workshop in Val Masino (Italy)

A week to regenerate yourself in a marvellous place on the italian famous even overseas … With Mantra Singing, yoga, active meditations, Bhakti energy, sharing, walks and much more!

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Join us in Valtellina, between Val di Mello and Predarossa, enchanted places among the mountains and lakes. This workshop is a unique opportunity to reconnect yourself to the source and relax into who you really are! The location, of a stunning beauty, the active MEDITATION’s tecniques and powerful methods to free your energy through the VOICE, will bring relaxation, clarity and peace in body and mind. You will be able to experience MANTRA SINGING as a direct way to dive into your heart, feeling the trust in Existence that this brings. 

A week to immerse yourself in the power of Mantra Singing and Meditation, and learning tecniques that you will bring with yourself in your daily life!


Benefits of this workshop:

  • it involves body, breathing and emotions, freeing up quickly from physical and mental tensions
  • it offers an immediate sense of well-being
  • it makes a “cleaning” of your cellular system, through the vibration of sound and voice
  • it reconnects you to the life energy able to smooth out anxiety and restlessness
  • it dissolves tensions held in the body and nervous system, even for a very long time
  • it opens you to more satisfying relationships with others
  • it makes you rediscover the simplicity of an action which arises from what you really want
  • For all the reasons above it has amazing results in areas related to meditation, spiritual searching and healing processes

  The workshop is open to everybody, there is no need to have any previous experience with singing



In Val Masino, in a luxury montain retreat  renowned on an architectural level.

From that spot you can catch the most beautiful paths of Valtellina for hiking, biking, bouldering and canyoning. And then there is the fairy forest of Bagni di Masino, an enchanted place…

The workshop leaves free time during the day to enjoy nature and relax, use the gym and sauna.



Accomodation: is ment  from Sunday to the next Saturday, the workshop begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Saturday morning. Full board treatment served as a large buffet with vegetarian food.

You have 2 options for the accomodation, in the place of the retreat or in an hotel just opposite to it. Availability of single or double rooms (details upon request).



INFO &  BOOKINGS nityaninad@gmail.com, tel. 0039 344 2969040



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