Nitya began playing and singing when she was 12 years old, learning from her father, an engineer with an artistic nature.  Listening to a song and presenting it again, accompanied by her guitar, was very much part of her life as a girl.  The spiritual quality of the sounds and the singing has always been of interest to her.  That is why she sang in a choir as a solo voice in the same years as she studied literature.

1993 was the date of a double initiation, professional journalism and a spiritual search that led her to look within herself in a new way, after the meeting with the enlightened master Osho.

From that year onwards, she worked as a journalist for the publishing companies RCS-Corriere della Sera and then for Mondadori.  At the same time she participated in workshops and trainings for personal growth, regularly spending time in Osho’s ashram in Pune, India.  Thanks to active meditations, Gestalt therapy, contemporary dance, Somatic Experiencing @, and training as a counselor, she began to swim from the surface deeper and deeper within herself and the Mystery.

In a meditation retreat in Greece, she discovered the depth of her passion for mantra singing,  which became her way to reconnect with her heart and the heart of Existence.  From there comes her gratitude for friends Satyaa and Pari.

In one of  the subsequent trips to India, south of Madras, she participated in a retreat of 21 days, and at the end, she was requested to sing for Shree Bhagavan—a sudden and unexpected event.  The gift she received was a clear experience of the dissolving of the singer, when only the song remains.

I clearly heard the words ‘it is not you who is singing, you’re not doing it…”.

Back in Italy she “forgot” that experience, and a few months later she met Ninad, an excellent musician and an avid seeker who became her partner.  From their creativity was born the composition of music for mantras and kirtan that they offer in their Mantra Singing events.

In a subsequent trip to the sacred mountain of Arunachala in southern India, Nitya had another important experience related to energy.  Up until that point she knew the feminine aspect of the divine, but there she came in contact with the energy of fire and its masculine nature.  Arunachala is the mountain of Shiva—some say that it is Shiva himself…  With the monks of the ashram of Ramana Maharshi she deepened her experience of self inquiry and the perception of reality that results.  It was a confirmation of a kind of knowing, now imprinted forever that the only direction is within.