NITYA & NINAD teach meditation through mantra singing and bhakti yoga, and their singing is a door which opens to the Divine, the silence, the mystery of life and healing*. They have been sharing this gift for many years in workshops, concerts and events throughout the world to make this practice a natural approach. Through their mantras and spiritual songs from around the world they facilitate the access to a realm of deep silence. Many researchers, therapists and meditators claim this is difficult to achieve with other techniques in such an immediate and direct way. The moments of silence and peace that thir songs create are an invitation to “listen” to what the Divine, the Self, or whatever you prefer to call the source of life, has to communicate to you. Going back to “listening” to this Voice, you will experience a deep love, a sense of gratitude and unity.

They are pioneers in Italy in spreading a way of singing that combines mantra expressiveness with bhakti, a particular path of yoga that leads to the flowering of the heart through self-expression and devotion.  This practice can be an alternative way of healing in the twenty-first century, as verified by scientific studies.  They are touched by the positive feedback from people who participated in their concerts and workshops held over the years in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Estonia, Denmark, and of course in Italy, their country of origin.

By means of Mantra Singing events and Cds, they introduce in an original way the practice of chanting mantras, blending meditation with music.  They love to share this dimension with other people. They continue to see how this practice elevates the soul and fills their lives with so many gifts.

Through silence, through the use of voice and body, Nitya & Ninad facilitate the experience of feeling relaxed, present, connected to other individuals and to the whole without any kind of effort.

Nitya and Ninad met with a love for freedom, truth, and beauty so similar that it made them recognize each other and become life companions.  Both having a personal background in spiritual search, they immediately started to play and sing along together. Soon they began offering to others the experience of chanting mantras as a direct way to the heart of existence, and then allowing the energy that comes from that to expand into all dimensions of daily life. Their creativity is strongly imbued with this quality and you feel it listening to the original music they compose, accompanying texts of Sanskrit mantras  and also texts from other cultures, such as Buddhism, Sufism, American Indian, and Sikhism.

In 2015 they received recognition from the main distributor of spiritual music in Europe, Silenzio.

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