Ninad approches music at the age of eight. He starts studying piano and immediately discovers the huge potentail that music has in telling what happens in the human soul. After graduating with honors in the Science secondary school, he enters at the University, but halfway through he realizes that he should devote himself entirely to music.

He graduates in piano at the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milan and then follows the course of experimental composition. In addition to classical music, he studies the repertoire of jazz’s improvisation and language. His natural musicality led him to approach and learn other instruments, including guitar and percussions.

He acquires over the years a vast expereince in both live music (playing in many groups ranging from rock, pop and jazz) and teaching music. Soon he uses his abilities also as a musicotherapist, and for several years he works in Esagramma, Milan, helping people reconnecting to themselves through the sound and the use of music instruments, and making them feel to be part of a group called “human beings” thanks to the melting into the Orchestra experience.

In parallel to his musical life he is interested in religion and spirituality. He deepens the knowledge of christianity, but soon he feels he is not finding there all that he is looking for. His research expands towards east, following the call of its ancient and intimante wisdom. Soon he begins to meet realities, situations and people more and more related to his longing and being.

He comes to know the revolutionary message of the enlightened master Osho. His energy and that of his sannyasins led him quickly to a radical transformation and liberation. The receiving of the spiritual name Deva Ninad, “divine sound”, is for him the invitation towards the union of music and divinity outside any institution. So far Ninad has a large experience in helping people connecting with themselves through music, from now onwards he is involved in leading events in which music and meditation become two faces of the same reality.

His passion for musical creativity and meditation comes together in the experience of composition and singing of mantras. The meeting with Nitya, with her rich experience in research and very similar musical taste, brings that completeness which gives to this activity the opportunity to grow and manifest itself in a sharing with many friends on the path.

During a sacred journey to Arunachala, in the south of India, Ninad is initiated into Japa Mantra practice and deepens the knowledge of Atma-vichara (Self-inquiry), the main spiritual practice adviced by Sri Ramana Maharshi.