JAI MA is our deep thank you to existence, which invited us to sing its songs and to share its mistery and joy with other friends. All these sanscrit mantras are dedicated to the divine Mother, the female principle manifesting itself as Devi, Kali, Durga, Shakti, which are all names of the one great Ma which is constantly inviting us to trust  love and the mistery we are living every moment.

The cd starts with a strong prayer to Maha Kali and develops into many different soundscapes that represent the different aspects of Ma, soft wisperings of the heart.

Particularly rich of sounds, these mantras suggest the way from the mind to the heart, in which we find our true and timeless Self, beyond names and forms.


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Title: Jai Ma – Mantra Songs with Nitya & Ninad
Produced by: Nitya & Ninad
All musics scomposed and arranged by Nitya & Ninad
All rights reserved