Jai Ma
Mantra songs with Nitya & Ninad 
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One Love
Mantra songs with Nitya & Ninad
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Ra Ma Da Sa
Mantra for Healing Meditation
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Mantra songs with Nitya & Ninad
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«JAI MA sticks out by its great arrangements, beautiful melodies that create immediately this special vibe, this feel of devotion. One can feel how much heart Nitya and Ninad put into it. We like also the chord flow, that is musically also very interesting. From the first song on, we loved the space it creates, so many different soundscapes that represent so beautifully the different aspects of Ma – good music!».   Satyaa & Pari

«I had beautiful moments with your music, it is very uplifting!».   Tomas Sky

«Nitya and Ninad’s mantras are their prayer, their way to enter into an intimate connection with the divine, which is in their heart and in the heart of all beings and all things. Everything arises from love… Everything lives in love and ends in love… Everything is love, One Love».                                                                    Atmananda

«We really liked this concept album, ONE LOVE, with a fil rouge going from one song to the other one and keeping everything very much together. Listening to these songs you can also feel the qualities of the couple, especially the mysterious ones… And enjoy a lot of Bhakti energy there!».  Satyaa & Pari

«It is great!  ONE LOVE is musically very interesting, as well as emanating the quality of meditation».                                                                                  Sagarpriya DeLong

«RaMaDaSa, the Meditative Mantra CD, is offered with so much love and purity that it is easy to let go of the whole external world and sink into an opening and flowering of heart and spirit. The melodious music is a perfect compliment for the lyrics, an ancient mantra in celebration of the eternal nature of reality. In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra there is a beautiful sutra which offers a complete spiritual teaching in two words: ‘Devotion Frees’. This mantra album opens the way to live the nectar of that sutra».  Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Teacher, Author of Divine Sexuality)


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