with Nitya & Ninad

29 December-1 January 2020

Four days to regenerate yourself deeply, rekindle your vitality and to orient the New Year on what you really care. It is a long party where there is room to meet friends and also for singing, silence and meditation.

with Mantra singing, active meditations,  yoga, conscious sharing and… celebration!


Why participate in this event?

Because in just four days you will recover a state of well being, joy and mental clarity. In a wonderful location among the italian mountains, in Valtellina, in the north of Italy, surrounded by nature, thanks to the chanting of mantras, active meditation techniques, yoga and sharings, you can regenerate yourself and let go of everything which is old and limitates you. With daily practices in these days you will easily sink in who you really are.

Who is it for?

This holiday is for who wants to feel good and celebrate the transition to the new year in a meaningful and light way. The workshop is suitable for people with experience with the chanting and meditation as for those who have never put their foot in this “world”: it will be easy to absorb all the benefits.

There is no age limit to participate. Everybody is welcome, YOU DO NOT NEED  previous experiences with singing or meditation.


Where and when?

From  29th in the afternoon (the retreat will begin al 5 pm)  to the 1st afternoon (around 3 pm). The accomodation will be in a beautiful hotel in the mountains of VALTELLINA,  easy to reach by car and by train (20 minutes from Morbegno train station).

How to Book?

Sending an email to Nityaninad@gmail.com or calling the number 0039 344 2969040


What people say about this holiday workshop:

«With the New year’s Eve retreat I found a great openness of heart that recently faded, distracted by everyday life. I felt a sense of being at home, a deep freedom in being myself. I also experienced a new sense of unity, inside myself, with my beloved and the other people I’ve met. For these and other reasons I have a sense of admiration and gratitude for the work of Nitya & Ninad. During the singing of mantras felt deep and forgotten emotions, vibrations and a sense of gratitude for the healing mantras that I sang», Alessandro

«I spent the New year’s Eve with Nitya & Ninad. It was different from my previous experiences of parties, it was an experience of Joy and Serenity. I met genuine people in a peaceful reality, full of mantra singing, celebration, meditation and silence. And who wants the space to share himself, can find it there… I also found good food, a lot of fun and dance… I recommend everyone to choose this gift, these days in which you can stop for a while and get back to your Self. PS. There are no age limits!».                  Gianluca 

«I celebrated the New Year with with Nitya and Ninad’s retreat and it was an experience of deep connection with myself, while lived with friends and company. It wasn’t the first time I spent the new year meditating, it wasn’t the first time I worked with Nitya and Ninad, but every time it is a different experience, each time a little deeper… The magical and evocative places they choose, this sharing moments of joy and of profound fragility, the alternation of different types of work led me to discover my true nature, that secret place in my heart that I can hardly connect with in my everyday life».      Marco 




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