Chanting mantras touches your true nature and awakens the intelligence of your heart. NITYA & NINAD teach meditation through mantra singing and bhakti yoga, and their singing is a door which opens to the Divine, the silence, the mystery of life and healing*. They have been sharing this gift for many years in workshops, concerts and events throughout the world to make this practice a natural approach. Through their mantras and spiritual songs from around the world they facilitate the access to a realm of deep silence. Many researchers, therapists and meditators claim this is difficult to achieve with other techniques in such an immediate and direct way. The moments of silence and peace that these songs create are an invitation to “listen” to what the Divine, the Self, or whatever you prefer to call the source of life, has to communicate to you. Going back to “listening” to this Voice, you will experience a deep love, a sense of gratitude and unity.

Mantra singing and Kirtan EVENTS

5 JuneVareseItalyMantra Concert-Kirtan
9-10-11 JuneSan Secondo (ASTI)ItalyConcert, International Bhakti Festival
24 JuneCanossa (RE)
1 JulyCorfu BuddhahallGreeceMantra Concert-Kirtan
9 JulyAlexis ZorbasGreeceMantra Concert-Kirtan
8-15 JulyAlexis ZorbasGreeceMantra singing and yoga Workshop – Mantra Holidays
17 JulyOuranos ClubGreeceMantra Concert-Kirtan
6-12 AgoustVal Masino (SO)ItalyMantra singing and yoga Workshop – Mantra Holidays
11 AgoustVal Masino (SO)ItalyMantra Concert
17 SeptOuranos ClubGreeceMantra concert Kirtan
19-21 SeptOuranos ClubGreeceMini Mantra singing Workshop and Holidays
14 OctNew YorkUSAKirtan
21 OctNew YorkUSAKirtan


«We are so happy that Nitya and Ninad chanted at our New York IYI Center. We regularly have all the big name kirtanists here, and we love them all, but there is something exceptionally special about Nitya and Ninad. I don’t want to say much because words cannot really capture the beauty of the experience. All I want to convey is that if you ever have a chance to be present at their kirtan, I can guarantee you that your heart will burst open, your spirit will soar, and you will be transported to a higher level of consciousness».

Swami Asokananda 

President Integral Yoga Institute,  New York

SUMMER 2017:  Mantra Singing, Bhakti and Yoga workshops at the SEA  and in the MOUNTAINS 

8-15 of July in CORFU, Greece

In this week you’ll experience a way of singing that involves body, breath and emotions,
and effectively helps to release  physical and mental tensions. Read more

 6-12 of Agoust, VALTELLINA (Italy): SECRETS OF LIFE

Join us in Valtellina, an enchanted place among the mountains and lakes.  Read more


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