«We are so happy that Nitya and Ninad chanted at our New York IYI Center. We regularly have all the big name kirtanists here, and we love them all, but there is something exceptionally special about Nitya and Ninad. I don’t want to say much because words cannot really capture the beauty of the experience. All I want to convey is that if you ever have a chance to be present at their kirtan, I can guarantee you that your heart will burst open, your spirit will soar, and you will be transported to a higher level of consciousness».

Swami Asokananda
President of Integral Yoga Institute
New York City

«It is great spiritual music the one I heard from Nitya and Ninad. Their music is very inspiring and tauching, full of compassion, love and yogic values of bhakti yoga, karma yoga and gyana yoga. I wish them great succeful in their mission of spreading Dharma to the humanity through their innate talent of musics, devotion and love in GOD. Om Ah Hum».

Lama Geshe Gedun Tharchin
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
founder and spiritual guide of Lamrim Institute in Rome

Kirtan and Bhakti EVENTS

feb 4Consulate of India, MilanItalyConcerto di Mantra
march 10-11SardiniaItalyConcert and Workshop
march 15Palazzolo Formigaro (AL)ItalyConcert
march 18VareseItalyConcert
april 20-22LiguriaItaliaWorkshop/Retreat
may 4TurinItalyConcert
may 25-27AstiItalyBhakti Festival
june 9Palazzolo Formigaro (AL)ItalyFestival-Naturalmente Benessere
july 2-8CorfuGrececeWorkshop and concert
july 20-22Pratovecchio (AR)ItalyFestival Naturalmente Pianoforte
july 28New YorkUSAKirtan
agoust 4Yogaville (Virginia)USAKirtan
agoust 11-16San Secondo (Asti)ItalyRetreat
nov 2-4Miasto, TuscanyItaliaWorkshop
29 dec- 2 janValtellinaItalyNew Year’s Eve Retreat

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SUMMER 2018:  Mantra Singing, Bhakti and Yoga workshops at the SEA  and in the MOUNTAINS 

8-15 of July in CORFU, Greece

In this week you’ll experience a way of singing that involves body, breath and emotions,
and effectively helps to release  physical and mental tensions. Read more

 6-12 of Agoust, VALTELLINA (Italy): SECRETS OF LIFE

Join us in Valtellina, an enchanted place among the mountains and lakes.  Read more


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